Blockchain Wallet Is Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do

With the emergence of new cryptocurrencies, the need for blockchain wallets is also increasing rapidly. This brings many questions in mind among which the first is what is a blockchain wallet and why do you need it exactly? If you are someone new to the crypto world you must be feeling confused right now which is okay as long as you are willing to learn more.

In this blog, you will get to know more about crypto wallet and how you can recover a Blockchain wallet if it is not working.


Blockchain wallet is not working


Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain Wallet

A blockchain wallet is something you need to keep your crypto coins secure. A blockchain wallet or cryptocurrency wallet enables you to store the private keys of your coins so that no one else can get access to them. One must use a wallet that is not only secure but also easy to understand and use which supports all your cryptos. What use a blockchain wallet would be if it wouldn’t support your crypto, right?

There are a whole lot of wallets in the crypto market right now so it is not that easy to understand which wallet will be best for you. That is why you are here reading this after all. If you ask us, we would recommend using a hardware wallet as it is the safest of all. Although you’d need to invest some money to buy it and if you care about your cryptos, you should not have any problem with it.

You can also go with a Desktop wallet as long as it does not store your information especially your private keys on its servers. Guarda wallet is one such example that stores your wallet data, personal information and private keys on your device only so that no other can misuse it. However, that doesn’t eliminate the risk of hacking.


What To Do When Your Blockchain Wallet Is Not Working?

Is your Blockchain wallet not working too? Unfortunately, things don’t go as they should sometimes. Just like any other application or hardware, a blockchain wallet can also fail and give you a hard time even if you were using the best one. But it’s not an easy case because you have your cryptocurrencies stored in it. So what is it that you can do in a case like this? That we have mentioned below, do give it a read.


How To Recover Your Blockchain Wallet

If your Blockchain wallet is not working or you can’t access it due to any reason, if you forgot its password, or facing any other issue, what’s important is to recover your cryptocurrencies. And that can only be done by recovering the wallet. You can recover your wallet using three of the below-mentioned options.

Note that if your crypto wallet is displaying an error in balance i.e zero balance or lower balance, then you should first try log into it through its official website. If it is a software wallet, you should simply reload the wallet application and see if the error still occurs. Also, you can try updating your wallet software if there are any pending updates.

Given below are the three options that you need to consider to recover your crypto wallet.


Remind Me Option

One of the effective ways to save your cryptos when your Blockchain wallet is not working is by enabling the Remind Me option for your wallet ID. This way, you will only need to enter your wallet ID whenever you need to sign in and the password will be filled in automatically. Moreover, in case you forgot the ID in the future, you can request your wallet to mail it to your verified email address. Make sure you set up an accessible email address as it will help you recover your wallet in the future.


Recover Funds Option

One of the most common issues that lead to losing access to the Blockchain wallet or Blockchain wallet not working issue is when you forget its password. That happens with many people but as long as you know how to deal with it, there’s nothing to worry about. This step should be followed right when you create your Blockchain wallet or if you haven’t already, do it ASAP. 

  1. First, you need to go to the Security Center.
  2. Now select the Backup Funds option.
  3. Doing this will generate a new wallet ID for you where your funds will be recovered in case you lose access to this wallet.
  4. The procedure can differ a bit from wallets to wallets.
  5. You need to save the phrase or the private keys of your cryptocurrency offline somewhere safe. This phrase is the key to your cryptos and anyone having access to it can get hands on your investment, so it should be properly taken care of properly.
  6. To save your phrase, you can press the “Print Recover Sheet option and then download that document as a PDF.
  7. Now, click on the Backup Funds option. Note down the phrase on your screen. Make sure you copy it exactly as it is shown, paying attention to the spelling as well as case.
  8. At last, click on Finish & Verify. Now you will need to choose any four words out of the phrase randomly.
  9. That’s all. After completing the verification, you will get the backup of your wallet.


Reset 2FA Option

2FA or Two Factor Authentication is one of the best ways to recover your wallet codes through various means. If you have enabled 2FA security on your wallet, you can recover your cryptos even if your Blockchain wallet is not working. For this, you need to enable the 2FA option first on your device though. You can receive the codes either on your phone number through SMS or on Google Authenticator or Yubikey. Make sure you keep your Two Factor authentication updated from time to time to get benefited from it.

You can use 2FA in the below cases.

  • When you lose your Blockchain wallet.
  • The Blockchain wallet is not working or stopped functioning
  • You no longer have access to your verified email
  • You are experiencing delays in receiving cryptos


Blockchain Support For All Your Blockchain Related Issues

Since the Blockchain technology is new in the market, many people are struggling to understand it completely. Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrency or need help with anything else related to it, you can reach us without any issues. 

In case you are experiencing issues with receiving or sending cryptocurrencies, we suggest you contact Blockchain Support immediately for assistance. Below we have mentioned the problems for which you can reach our support team.

    • Login or Security issues like forgotten ID or password, hacked wallet, or issue with 2FA
  • Blockchain wallet not working
  • Issue with purchasing or selling or exchanging cryptocurrency
  • Products related issue while sending receiving or setting
  • Blockchain and API related problems



While dealing with cryptocurrency, security should be your priority. Now that you know about the various methods to recover your blockchain wallet or cryptos when your Blockchain wallet is not working, you can be at ease and focus more on investments. In order to keep your cryptos safe, we recommend you do not store it all in one place and instead use various wallets. Besides, you need to keep your password, recovery phrases, and private keys somewhere safe. Make sure no one else can get access to it and if you ever face any issue, contact Blockchain Support experts right away.


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