Many of you may know about Bitcoin but may lack the knowledge on ways to safeguard it with intelligent options. There may be some people who would like to know about what is Bitcoin wallet is. Also, a few would like to know how to backup Bitcoin wallet and types of Bitcoin wallet backup. We will try to answer all the questions in this article with a compact explanation.



What is Bitcoin Wallet?

Let us first understand what Bitcoin Wallet is. Bitcoin wallet keeps your money and your private information secure. Bitcoin wallet is an online storage program that allows you to keep your private information safe.

In other words, a Bitcoin wallet is software that you install on your computer or laptop and runs on the Internet. With it, you can keep track of your transactions as you buy and sell digital currency from online websites.



What does a Bitcoin Wallet do?

A wallet program automatically creates new wallet addresses for you whenever you make any outgoing transaction. It uses a key to sign all of your outgoing transactions digitally. The device you are running your bitcoin wallet stores the private keys, not your actual coins.



A word about Private Key

Each cryptocurrency wallet you create or possess has its private key. You can think of it as your online banking password. Each cryptocurrency wallet (account) has a unique private key (password) that enables you to access the money.



Why is it important to backup the Bitcoin wallet?

It is very important to back up your bitcoin wallet. This measure protects your money and private key. If you lose your private key, you may lose your money. Your private key is a way that you can access your money from any given location. Thus a with a backup Bitcoin Wallet, you would have access to your money. No need to worry about the loss of a private key. So, your money is safe as long as you have a backup.



Factors essential for Bitcoin wallet backup

It is very important to backup your private key and your mnemonic. When you create your Bitcoin account, you create your private key. You also get access to a mnemonic, which is a series of numbers or a password. A combination of both of these techniques should be used to back up your wallets.
If you have made up your mind and you want to learn how to backup a bitcoin wallet. Ensure that the wallet you choose to backup is not only encrypted but protected against theft too. In the event of an emergency or other unforeseen occurrence, it can also recover the funds from the wallet.



Types of Bitcoin wallet

There are two types of wallets you can use with your bitcoin wallet. They are offline (on your computer) and online (on a web-connected laptop or mobile device). If you want to use an offline wallet, you will need to download the bitcoin wallet app to your computer first.

Then, you will have to insert your private key into the wallet program. This step would give you access to your funds. When you are done making transactions, they will be converted to the corresponding digital currencies. Fowling this, you will see them in your online account.



What types of Hardware Wallets are available?

A Hardware wallet is one that is designed to be used on a computer. There are different types of hardware wallets that you can choose from. Hardware wallets fall into two basic categories: those that run on open-source software and those that run on proprietary software. The Ledger has its own proprietary firmware built on an open-source platform. But the TREZOR works on an open-source platform. Some Hardware Wallets work with the Linux OS, while some come explicitly designed for Windows. These have a user-friendly interface.



About Recovery Phrase 

The most common way that people learn how to backup a Bitcoin wallet is through their use of a Recovery phrase. This Recovery phrase is a string of numbers and letters. Bitcoin Wallet uses them to verify all of the incoming data that is being sent to it.

Recovery phrases are normally 12-word phrases that represent the private keys to your crypto wallets. It comes in a human-readable representation form. Verification is done each and every time that a transaction is made. If the recipient of the funds doesn’t approve of the proposed transfer, then the transaction will not go through.



Why Recovery Phrase for Bitcoin wallet backup and how it matters?

Learning backup for Bitcoin Wallet using a recovery phrase is like creating a backup for essential documents. Assume this, if something happens to your wallet and you don’t have a copy of it. Then, you’ll have absolutely no way of getting your money back.

Your bitcoins are simply gone if you lose your private key. The whole point behind this system is to keep your money safe. In the absence of Bitcoin backup but it also creates an enormous amount of hassle and frustration.



What is the way out?

Back up phrases make sure that nobody gets to your private keys. You’ll need to get a software program that can take backups on your bitcoins and then give them to you. This software will be able to generate a safe way to secure your money. It would even restore the backup that you’ve just created.

In fact, you could use your new wallet to do virtually anything with your bitcoins. This ranges from spending money to receiving them – all with a new backup phrase. For more information on this or Blockchain, you can contact the respective Blockchain customer service.




Hopefully, this brief article has given you a few pointers about how to backup a Bitcoin wallet. A lot of people don’t understand that bitcoins are very easy to lose. They also tend to lose a lot of value fast if they aren’t kept safe. Even if the worst were to happen, you’d want to make sure they’re stored in an encrypted backup form. You won’t lose them to hackers who want to steal them for their own personal use.


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