This article covers features of Dash cryptocurrency, how to buy Dash in simple steps and how to buy dash with Paypal.

What does a beginner crypto trader want? A currency that is safe, decentralized that focuses on anonymity and gives you ease of transaction. Dash cryptocurrency offers you the same.

Dash focuses on anonymity and provides you a feature called PrivateSend. It is the feature that mixes coins through master nodes of the computer to make the transactions untraceable.

There is another feature called InstantSend to allow payment confirmation in less than a second. It avoids the double-spend problem which is a common digital currency.

If you want to know “what is dash Cryptocurrency” in the simplest words- it is a secure, open-source, peer-to-peer (P2P), decentralized cryptocurrency. Its name originated from one of its features “Digital cash”. Dash is based on blockchain, the same technology used for bitcoin, but it has some marvelous improvements to it.


Features of Dash Cryptocurrency

In order to know “what Dash cryptocurrency is” you need to have a look at its features. There are many features that make this currency one of a kind. It allows the transactions to be more confidential and speedy manner. Three of them are listed below.



In the Bitcoin blockchain, miners verify the transactions which are taking place on the particular blockchain. But in Dash, the system is divided into two parts: miners and Masternodes. Masternodes are responsible for private transactions, instant transactions, governance, and the treasure system.

It performs very crucial functions in the system. The Masternodes are intending to improve the security of the network and assure that the transactions are secure and fast.



Do you know it takes almost 10 minutes for a bitcoin transaction to get verified? Though, the Dash takes a few seconds for confirming a transaction using Visa or Mastercard. It solves the problem of time consumption in Bitcoin through its service named “Instantsend”. Dash transactions can be confirmed in no time by the Masternode.

You need to pay a little more while using the Insasend feature of Dash transaction. A usual transaction takes about 2.5 minutes which is still much better than bitcoin.



When we talk about Bitcoin it is totally public. Means anyone in the world can view your transaction. This means anyone in the world with an internet connection can find out the below-mentioned information about you;

  • The public address of both sender and receiver of every bitcoin.
  • Worth of the transaction.
  • History of the transactions associated with Bitcoin.

Do you want your transactions to be public? Your answer might be “no”. So Dash gives this amazing advantage. To tackle this drawback of Bitcoin, Dash Cryptocurrency offers a service called PrivateSend. This feature provides privacy to the transactions. It makes the transactions untraceable. Also, it doesn’t let the identity of the users be revealed to the world.


How to buy Dash In Three Simple Steps

There are a lot of reasons which are enough to convince you to buy the Dash cryptocurrency. When you are done with your research and confident enough to process your investment, here is the best process for you on how to buy Dash cryptocurrency.


Get a wallet

Before starting the process of “how to buy dash” you need to get a wallet to store your transactions and coins. For a large amount of Dash, you should always consider using a hardware wallet.


Find a dash exchange that suits your need

There are so many exchange platforms available that make your transactions easier.  You need to sign up with the exchange platform with some of your basic personal information.


Move your Dash coins in your wallet

Now all you need to do is, select Dash from the listed cryptocurrency on the exchange and select the desired quantity of Dash and click on the buy button to process your transaction. When you are done with the purchase of Dash, don’t forget to transfer the coins into your personal wallet. After your coin reaches your wallet, you officially own them.


Buy Dash with PayPal

If you are considering buying Dash with PayPal you need to keep in mind that you can’t directly buy Dash with PayPal. Digital currency transactions are almost impossible to reverse while PayPal transactions are easily reversible, making them more prone to fraudulent activity.

However, several indirect ways can help you to make transactions on Dash using PayPal. LocalBitcoins is an exchange platform that allows you to buy bitcoin through PayPal.

So you need to register with and select “all online offers” and then select PayPal. After that, you need to “click on search”. You need to prefer the traders with high feedback and a high number of confirmed trades.



We hope the article helped you learn how to buy Dash easily and you didn’t face any trouble with the procedure. With a market share of almost $1 Billion dash ranks on 13 in the Digital asset market, Dash is one of the best choices for traders who are looking for anonymous currency.

It is continuously holding the top position in the market. So, whether you have any experience with Dash or not, blockchain customer service can help you to get started and grow. Feel free to get in touch.


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