Here you will learn how to buy Ripple cryptocurrency from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Bitstamp with USD and other coins.

Buying ripple is as simple as buying any other cryptocurrency. As Ripple is one of the top crypto coins, it is available on most exchanges for buying and hence you won’t face issues in this matter.

There are mainly two ways to buy Ripple, the first one includes buying the coin directly through your credit/debit card or bank or exchanging it with another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you can find the option to buy Ripple directly with USD, then it will hardly take a few minutes as you complete the purchase. However, the problem is that many exchanges do not have this feature and in that case, you will need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first with USD and then exchange it with Ripple. Don’t worry! It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Moreover, you have our help so you can get through it easily.



How To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency With Coinbase?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to purchase Ripple directly from Coinbase or not then the answer is NO. At the moment, Ripple is not available on Coinbase for exchange or direct buying.

Wait! We said you cannot buy Ripple directly from the Coinbase exchange. But you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase and then exchange it on another platform for Ripple. Sounds fine, then continue with the procedure to complete your purchase. If not then you can buy Ripple from other reliable exchanges like Binance, BitStamp, and Kraken, etc.

how to buy Ripple with Coinbase

Below we have mentioned how to buy Ripple with Coinbase in easy steps.

  1. First, you need to create your account on Coinbase.
  2. Select whether you want to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. The next step includes depositing funds into your Coinbase account to complete the purchase.
  4. Once, you have bought the cryptocurrency of your choice i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase, head to Binance to exchange it with Ripple.
  5. Sign up on Binance with your email and create a password. Once done, head to the Funds section and select Deposits and Withdrawals.
  6. Now you need to transfer your Bitcoins (or Ethereum) to Binance that you just bought from Coinbase.
  7. To do so, search for BTC on Binance and select the Deposit option under Bitcoin. Copy the address shown on your screen.
  8. To transfer Bitcoins from Coinbase, head to the Coinbase platform first. Now select the Send option under Bitcoin. Paste the Deposit address you copied in the previous step from Binancein the given space.
  9. Select how much Bitcoin you want to transfer to the given address i.e. on Binance and then hit the Send button. Make sure you enter the correct address as one mistake can make you lose your cryptocurrency.
  10. Once you receive the Bitcoins on Binance, you can exchange them with Ripple coins easily.
  11. At last, transfer your Ripple coins safely to your personal wallet.

This is the only way to buy Ripple cryptocurrency from Coinbase at the moment until the Ripple coin gets listed on the platform. Ripple is also available to buy directly with USD on some platforms like BitStamp. To know how to buy Ripple cryptocurrency from BitStamp, continue reading the next section.



How To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency With USD From BitStamp?

If you are looking out for the easiest way to buy Ripple, then here’s your answer. Platforms like BitStamp have made it possible to buy Ripple directly from your cash, be it USD, EUR, or any other currency using your credit card or bank account.

Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency With USD From BitStamp

Here’s how to buy Ripple cryptocurrency from Bitstamp:

  1. Start with creating your account on BitStamp. After entering the required details, you’ll receive a username and password for your new BitStamp account on your email.
  2. Now log into your BitStamp account by entering your Username and password as provided. Change the account password when prompted and also enable two-factor authentication for security.
  3. Next, you need to verify your account. Enter the required information, and upload the required documents. Once done, hit the “Submit Verification Request” button.
  4. As soon as your account is verified, head to the Deposit
  5. Select the bank transfer method of your preference.
  6. Now click on “International Wire Transfer” and fill in the details.
  7. Transfer funds from your bank account to Bitstamp using the banking details of Bitstamp.
  8. You can buy Ripple once your funds are transferred to Bitstamp. To do so, select the market you want to exchange. To buy Ripple with USD, select XRP/USD market and click on buy/sell.
  9. Select the buy XRP option under the “instant order (simple)” section.
  10. In the “I want to spend” box, select how many ripples you want to buy.
  11. At last, select Buy XRP. Once the purchase is completed, the Ripple coins will get added to your Bitstamp account.



Final Words

Now you know how to buy Ripple cryptocurrency from Coinbase, Binance, and Bitstamp.

Apart from BitStamp, you can also buy Ripple with USD from other platforms like Kraken and GateHub. Buying Ripple with USD is simple but before you go on and use any platform to buy Ripple make sure to do your research.

If you have a PayPal account, you can also buy Bitcoin using it and then exchange it with Ripple on any platform of your choice.

I hope now you Understood everything .If still you are facing any issue So you can Easily connect with our Experts on Blockchain Customer Service they are 24/7 available for you.


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