The fast adoption of blockchain wallet technology has also raised various questions in the minds of users. Users are finding new queries every other day and search for answers to learn more and more about it and get maximum benefits. Similar to this, the query on how to reset a blockchain Wallet password is gaining popularity. Therefore, we have decided to come up with this blog to help you with the best possible solutions.

reset blockchain wallet password

Step 1: Try to find your Wallet ID information

  • First, go to the email account that you used while creating the Blockchain Wallet. If you have multiple email accounts attached with the Blockchain account then write down all the email accounts together.
  • Now try to find your Wallet ID in each of your emails by performing an email search “ Welcome to my Wallet:” and the email will be shown on your screen if the email ID is correct. If you don’t find the email, move to the next possible email ID.
  • If you are unable to find your walled ID in the email then follow the steps given below-
    1. Firstly, go to the Blockchain official website  from your web browser
    2. In case you have saved your Wallet ID to your browser, the field will automatically show the Wallet ID.
    3. Note the Wallet ID by clicking on the view option (eye icon) to make the ID visible.
    4. Else, look for the option forgot Wallet ID and select ‘Email me with the reminder email address given’;
    5. Then click on the ‘Remind me’ option.
    6. Next, enter the email ID, enter the captcha code, and click on ‘submit’ to submit the form.
    7. If the email ID your entered is registered in then you will receive an email on your mail ID which will contain information about your Wallet ID.
  • Now that you have found your Wallet ID, it is time to move further on the next step and make guesses for your password.


Step 2: Guess your password with the following terms and conditions

Every Blockchain password comprises of the following components (tokens). Therefore these components can help you to guess the right password or reset the Blockchain Wallet password.

  • Blockchain Wallet password must be 10 characters long
  • Strings, where the same type of letters are repeated, is not allowed like (“1234567890” or “qwertyuiop” not allowed).

General patterns of Blockchain Wallet passwords created by the users are-

  • Users often use the same password for multiple accounts
  • Use of birthdays or mobile number as passwords
  • Use of the familiar special characters like (#%&*or any )

Step 3: Create a Testing Plan

  • Now that you have a list of possible passwords, make a test plan to find out the exact password for Blockchain Wallet.
  • Create an excel sheet for all the passwords so you can copy and paste the password one by one from that sheet to begin the trial.
  • Once you have IDentified the password by hit and trial method save it for future reference and delete the password list from your system. Also, make sure that you have a secure password manager installed in your system.

How to create the spreadsheet for password testing?

To reset the Blockchain Wallet password, create a sheet for proper hit and trial of possible passwords. Here are a few tips that might be useful for you.

  • First, start by making two separate columns in an excel sheet. Where one column is for password guesses and the other one is for their status.
  • Add all the possible combinations of passwords to the sheet.
  • Go to the webpage login page “”
  • Enter your Wallet ID in the Wallet field.
  • Enter the guesses of passwords in the password field one by one.
  • After that click on the Login button to check the password.
  • If the password doesn’t work, change its status to wrong and move to the next guessed password.

Try Permutations and  combinations of your password guesses

  • Permutations and combinations is a technique to IDentify all the possible ways in which you can write a password
  • This strategy is generally used to decrypt the passwords and is not often used because it is time-consuming.
  • The is the only way to unlock your account when you forget the password of a Blockchain Wallet.


How Blockchain Support helps in recovering the password?

Step 1: Write an email to Blockchain Support or fill their contact form describing your issue.

Step 2: Next, the Blockchain support team will email you a copy of their contract. The user is supposed to read it thoroughly.

Step 3:  The email will also request your Wallet ID and spreadsheet of your password guesses.

Step 4: In order to reset the Blockchain Wallet password, the support team will now brute force your passwords and compare them with the Wallet ID.

Step 5: The Blockchain support team charges around a 20% fee for the Wallets that contain 10 Bitcoins and the charges increases as the balances increases above 10 bitcoins.

Step 6: It takes a minimum of a few hours to retrieve the password and the charges are asked only if the password is successfully retrieved.

Blockchain is still a very complex technology to understand for many users who are using Blockchain. Therefore, Blockchain customer support plays a very important role in making Blockchain usage easier for the users and solving issues related to Blockchain Wallet every now and then. If done right, the above method can help you to reset the Blockchain Wallet password else, users can also take help from the Blockchain experts simply by writing to them via email.


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